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01 Mar 2016 

In Jewish weddings how come ?

The Hora - is wedding themes the tradition where the bride and groom hold on to each other by a handkerchief and are lifted in chairs by their joyful guests and represented as "Kings & Queens" for the night.

In a special dance called the Hora, the bride and groom are lifted wedding reception locations overhead in their chairs and are carried around the room by guests. A Jewish wedding favorite tune is Hava Nagila, a traditional Klezmer song.

Breaking the Glass:

A glass is now placed on the floor, and the chatan shatters it with his foot. This serves as an expression of sadness at the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and identifies the couple with the spiritual and national destiny of the Jewish people. A Jew, even at the moment of greatest rejoicing, is always mindful of the Psalmist's injunction to "set Jerusalem above my highest joy."

In jest, some explain that this is the last time the groom gets to "put his foot down."

(In Israel, the Ashkenazi custom is that the glass is broken earlier, prior to the reading of the ketubah. Sefardim always break the glass at the end of the ceremony, even in Israel.)

This marks the conclusion of the ceremony. With shouts of "Mazel Tov," the chatan and kallah are then given an enthusiastic reception from the guests as they leave the chuppah together and head toward the Yichud room, their temporary private chamber

Breaking the Glass

Breaking the glass is a well known Jewish wedding tradition that entails the groom stepping on a glass goblet wrapped in fabric. Once the glass is broken, everyone shouts Mazel tov! which means Good Luck or Congratulations. The sentiment behind this ritual is a reminder of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.


01 Mar 2016 

Correcting Your Golf Swing is Seriously Fun With These Analytical Smart Shoes

Too many everyday objects have been been made unnecessarily smart. Kettles, toothbrushes, coffee machines... shoes. Why would shoes need to be connected to the internet? For good reason, as I found out from Iofit at MWC.

The startups created a line of smart running trainers and golf shoes, which analyse your stance, weight distribution and technique. Branded Smart Balance, they feature sensor-laden soles, which collect your data and feed it back to a dedicated app. The software pairs this up with video footage, and visualises the information, breaking it into bitesize chunks.

I tried out Iofits golf shoe sensors, and had a lot golf sets of fun in the process. In around a minute, the system pinpointed the weaknesses of my swing, displaying footage of my attempt alongside that of a far superior golfer. The differences in movement were clear. Right away, I could see what I was doing wrong.

Using the in-app annotation tools, the Iofit guys quickly pointed out my bad habits, and advised me on how to tackle them by running through the footage frame by frame. In an attempt to conjure up extra power, I was leaning on my back foot, though I was also stood too upright and forgot to lift my right heel at the end of the swing (the excitement got to me).

local golf courses size-full wp-image-435246" title="IMG_20160223_101414" src="" alt="" width="1000" height="563"/>

Not online golf clubs a bad breakdown, considering it only took a couple of minutes.

Smart shoes arent just about technology, of course. Fortunately, Iofits done a terrific job with design and build too. I pulled on a pair of running shoes, and they were light, comfortable and supportive. I wouldnt describe them as truly beautiful, but theyre more than good-looking enough for me.

The teams taking the product to Kickstarter this summer, though it hasnt yet worked out how much cash it hopes to raise. Final retail prices for the trainers are $199 (140), with the golf shoes set to cost $249 (175), though Kickstarter backers will be able to bag discounts.

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28 Feb. 2016 

50 Ideas That Will Take Your Wedding From Ordinary To Extraordinary

No matter the size of your wedding budget, there's something so indulgent about browsing photos of the most luxurious weddings. It's why we love scoping out pictures from celebrity weddings and seeing the amazing details that transformed their celebrations from ordinary to extraordinary. And even if the most elaborate dcor elements can't easily be replicated on a normal-person budget, they can spark an idea that is possible. Here, get inspired by some of the most over-the-top ideas we've ever seen.

Over-The-Top Wedding Ideas

Ceremony Ideas

Blue uplighting and towering trees come together to create the perfect look for a winter wedding ceremony.Related: 100 Ideas for Winter WeddingsPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey


Ceremony Ideas

Getting married in the fall? Bring the gorgeous colors of the season indoors with autumnal trees lining your aisle. Related: 100 Ideas for Fall WeddingsPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey


Ceremony Ideas

A cherry blossom backdrop is made even more romantic with orchids cascading from the trees.Related: 50 Fairy Tale Floral ArrangementsPhoto Credit: Brian Dorsey Studios / Created by Tantawan Bloom


Ceremony Ideas

This couple celebrated their nuptials with a few million of their nearest and dearest... in the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve.Related: The Dos and Don'ts of Holiday WeddingsPhoto Credit: Sarah Zimmer Photography


Reception Dcor

Multi-dimensional centerpieces, creating uplighting, and fabric draping create a modern, elegant feel.Related: 50 Ideas for a Modern WeddingPhoto Credit: Roey Yohai / Event Designer: Tantawan Bloom


Reception Dcor

You don't need an overabundance of flowers to make a bold impression; focus your attention on a single over-the-top piece, like this tree draped with ribbons and crystals.Related: Beyond Flowers: 50 Unique Ideas for Your CenterpiecesPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey



Look closely this dance floor is completely covered in flowers beneath glass! And flowers projected onto the walls are the icing on the cake at this opulent reception.Related: Stunning Ballroom WeddingsPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey



Perfect for an outdoor wedding, reflect the night sky with a ceiling made entirely of twinkling lights.Related: 20 Tips for Throwing an Outdoor WeddingPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey



Rustic mini chandeliers covered in ivy provide a lovely contrast to the sleek, modern reception tables.Related: 75 Ideas for a Rustic WeddingPhoto Credit: Adagion Studio via Tantawan Bloom



With an all-white color palette, these over-the-top centerpieces exude a luxurious vibe.Related: 75+ Gorgeous Tall CenterpiecesPhoto Credit: M Bndicte Verley / Created by Tantawan Bloom



Touches of gold and crystal, combined with purple uplighting, make these all-white centerpieces anything but boring.Related: Stunning White Wedding Dcor IdeasPhoto Credit: John Labbe / Event Designer: Preston Bailey



Autumnal hues and romantic candlelight create the perfect atmosphere for this fall wedding.Related: 100 Ideas for Fall WeddingsPhoto Credit: Zasil Studios



Flowers spurting out of every tier take this classic all-white cake wedding venues on a budget to the weddings next level.Related: 101 Amazing Wedding CakesPhoto Credit: John Labbe



With sparks flying in every direction, this incredible photo op is a moment you'll never forget.Related: The Best Wedding Photos of the YearPhoto Credit: Nathan Desch Photography



Fireworks are wedding planning ideas always a perfect way to end the night.Related: 25 Ways to Wow Your GuestsPhoto courtesy of Munaluchi Bridal via


More from Bridal Guide:

By Kristen Klein for Bridal Guide

25 Feb. 2016 

Tulle Wedding Favors

Best Tulle Wedding Favor Ideas

What kind of wedding favors can you create with tulle? Our answer to that is there is no limit to the things you can create with tulle for wedding favors.The color choices are almost limitless ! Two colors can be combined ! Everything can be wrapped in tulle ! Tulle is traditional, but can also be made into chic, romantic or rustic.

Your wedding favors are a thankyou to your guests for being part of your special day. Think about the statement that you want to make to them.

Not only is tulle elegant, but it is also economical. It can be purchased by the bolt and cut into the exact size that you need.

With a color choice and the choice of favor, it can be themed to almost every wedding. Here are are best tulle wedding favor ideas to get your imagination going !

Tulle Rounds - Easy to Use And Precut

Tulle rounds are the easiest way to make a wedding favor ! You simply place your favor in the center. Gather it up and tie with the ribbon of your choice. These favors look great on your tables and will color coordinate to your theme or colors' They come with a straight cut or a scalloped cut. Some come with ribbon edging. They can be plain tulle or with design.

Tulle Wedding Favor Bags - How About Sugared Nuts Or Candy?

These tulle bage make your wedding favors even easier to make. You simply fill the bag and full the drawstring. You can fill these bags with the mimimal of fuss and still have an elegant bridal look. Use candy, votive candles, soaps, tea bags, little coffee bags..these favor bags will help you keep on budget.

Fill these bags with Sugared Nuts for a unique favor idea

Flower Bulb Tulle Favor

Wrap a flowering bulb in plastic and the in tulle. Wrap with a ribbon. Add a tag with directions om one side and your monogram and wedding date wedding themes oin the other. You can buy bulk bulbs in Costco or Sam's Club

Tulle wedding package price list Nut Cup Idea

You can make a little tulle skirt or tutu. Take a nut cup. Wrap tulle around the base and secur with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with ribbon and you have a delightful tutu nut cup.

25 Feb. 2016 

Human trafficking needs worldwide attention | Opinion

Victims of human trafficking are often threatened, coerced, abused, abducted, or deceived by someone with a position of power in order to keep them powerless and at bay. With nearly 6,000 reported cases of human trafficking in the year 2015 and about 25,000 cases reported since 2007, it is safe to say that human trafficking is a growing problem poisoning todays society.

Human trafficking is often split into two main categories: sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

Sex trafficking is the transportation, recruitment, or harboring of a person by force or coercion for the purpose of commercial sexual acts. Sex traffickers target victims and then use violence, threats, false promises, and other cruel forms of control to use victims for their own greedy benefit landscaping ideas on a budget and profit. The demographic and details of sex trafficking varies from case to case. While 61.2 percent of cases involve an adult victim, a staggering 36.7 percent of sex trafficking cases reference a victim under the age of 18 years.

Out of these statistics, all derived from the NHTRC, or the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 90 percent are female victims and only 4.8 percent of victims are men. Women and young girls alike are all too often becoming victims of forced sexual labor.

While men and transgender persons can experience the trauma of sex trafficking, the victims reported are predominantly female. Out of 2,492 sex trafficking cases involving pimp-controlled prostitution, over 40 percent of these cases referenced victims under the age of 18 and a sweeping 88.72 percent of those cases involved female victims.

Furthermore, out of 902 commercial front-brothel, or establishments concealed as legitimate businesses to hide commercial sexual activity, cases 44.56 percent of victims were adults and a low 8.87 percent of reported victims were minors under the age of 18. In those cases, according to the NHTRC, 72.28 percent were female victims and 2.00 percent of victims were men.

Sex trafficking is becoming a real problem in the United States. While it is true that many cases of human trafficking involve trafficked persons of foreign nations or victims who have immigrated, legally or otherwise, it is also true that the federal definition of human trafficking includes both victims who are foreign persons, persons who are immigrants, and those which are citizens of the United States of America. In fact, 36.6 percent of potential victims are citizens of the United States. No one state is safe from this danger. California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, and Virginia, are the top six states, respectively, for human trafficking in the U.S.

Even our very own Arizona has had 388 reported cases in the year 2015. This year alone there have been 116 cases reported already. Out of these reports, 82.76 percent are sex trafficking cases and 4.31 percent are sex and labor trafficking front yard landscaping ideas pictures cases. This is just Sex trafficking alone. Labor trafficking is a whole other story.

Labor trafficking, all though just as awful, is slightly different than sex trafficking. Labor trafficking is the receipt, harboring, or transportation of persons against their will to perform acts of labor.

Just as sex traffickers use lies and coercion to lure victims into their trap, labor traffickers use violence, threats, and lies to keep victims cornered. Types of labor trafficking often include, but are not limited to, debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary child labor.

While it is popular to think that labor trafficking is restricted to dark, dangerous factory settings, it is true that labor trafficking has a diverse set of venues.

In fact, only 0.2 percent of the reported labor trafficking cases reside in a factory or manufacturing setting. Many of the cases involve farming settings, traveling sales crews, peddling rings, bars and clubs, construction, landscaping services, restaurant and food services, beauty and health services, and many other diverse settings.

All of these branches of forced labor and labor trafficking affect a variety of people. In the year 2015 alone, a total of 721 cases of labor trafficking were reported in the U.S. Out of these 721 cases, 333 of the victims were male and 411 of the victims were female.

Regarding age, 581 of these reported victims were adults above the age of 18, while the other 114 victims were minors falling below the age of 18. Although these numbers may seem high, it is fortunate that the number of cases reported since 2013 has significantly lowered.

Previously, there were 871 cases of labor trafficking reported in the year 2013 and 818 cases reported in the following year. Fortunately, a decrease in the number of cases could mean that the practice of labor trafficking is dying off. However, dont be fooled by this fortunate outcome. Trafficking is still a major problem in the United States and has yet to be faced with a formidable solution.

Human trafficking is a poison polluting the waters of todays society. Still, we can prevent human trafficking.

As a community, Lake Havasu City can become aware.

Our citizens can look out for one another.

Warning signs for human trafficking include, but are not limited to, common work and living conditions, poor mental health or abnormal behavior, poor physical health, and lack of control.

More often than not, a victim of trafficking is not free to leave or come to their home as he or she pleases, is unpaid or paid very little, works strange or unusual hours, must comply with strange restrictions at work, has a pimp or manager, was recruited to work through false covenants, or lives or works under high security.

More red flags would be displayed in someone who is fearful, anxious, submissive or tense, displays unusual behavior after bringing up law enforcement, avoids contact with the eyes, lacks simple medical services, appears malnourished, has few personal possessions, is not in control of his or her own finances or official documents such as their ID or passport, or is not allowed to speak for themselves.

While these warning signs can indicate a victim of human trafficking, it is best to not jump to conclusions without being absolutely sure.

Human trafficking is a problem. However, trafficking can become a thing of the past with the help and support of a community.

If youd like to learn more about human trafficking visit or call 1-888-373-7888 for more information. All of the statistics and information regarding human trafficking were derived from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

Phoebe Kyle is a student at Lake Havasu High School.

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