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28 Sep 2016 

Factors That Will Affect Your Bathroom Remodelling Estimates

Many persons today are considering the option of remodelling their bathroom for a how much does a plumber cost more luxurious feel. However, having an idea of how much this will cost can be extremely helpful in assisting persons to set a budget and plan how and when the remodelling will take place. One of the places that persons tend to go to get an idea of the cost is the internet and remodelling magazines. In most cases these will only give you the average cost which you may find to be different from the actual estimate. As a result, you need to at least have an idea of the various factors that can affect your estimate and how the average cost is calculated.

The average bathroom remodelling estimate found in magazines commercial plumbing services and on the internet is normally calculated in three groups namely, the average, upscale or custom and economy group.

o The Economy class refers to a remodelling that does not require installing or moving plumbing fixtures. Hence it is a reflection of the homeowner trying to achieve the remodelling of their bathroom at plumbing services 24 hours the lowest cost possible and hence this option also assumes the use of materials of a low quality.

o The Average refers to remodelling with the help of a contractor and use materials of standard quality. This figure will take into consideration buying new plumbing fixtures but not necessarily moving anything.

o The Upscale or Custom estimate takes into consideration the use of materials of a high quality, the purchasing of new plumbing fixtures and specialty items as well as a contractor.

Most times these categories of estimates are mentioned yearly in remodelling magazines, however there are factors which can cause the estimates you receive from contractors to be different such as

o The time of year that you plan to do your remodelling can affect your cost by as much as 15% during the slower periods of the year like around Thanksgiving.

o The amount of work that you plan to contribute to the project, like whether you plan to do the designs on your own or use the services of an architect or bathroom design ideas, or whether you plan to do things like painting and so on. All these will mean that there is less for the contractor to do and hence can have a great impact of the price you pay to remodel.

o Where you are located can also affect the cost, as the cost of materials and labour varies from region to region, and can cause a difference of as much as 20%.

If you so desire you can use the average cost to get a basic idea of your remodelling project. However to get a more detailed and accurate estimate, it is best to take advantage of the many free estimates that are available on line. These estimates will take into consideration, your location, the amount of work you want don, the design you have in mind, the amount of work the contractor will have to do and the timeframe in which you would like this to be completed.

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28 Sep 2016 

FBI Director predicts ‘terrorist diaspora’ in next five years

FBI Director predicts 'terrorist diaspora' in next five years - Hot Air Hot Air

Over the past year, Americans have suffered attacks inspired by patent lawyer fees Islamic Terrorism in San Bernardino, Orlando, Columbus, Philadelphia, and--most recently, the vicious attack in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and the bombings in New York and New Jersey.

In all, Islamic extremist terrorist have killed 63 people on U.S. soil since our committee last held copyright lawyer salary its annual copyright lawyer salary hearing to consider threats to the homeland and heard testimony from the heads of the FBI, DHS, and National Counterterrorism Center. And this does not count the horrific attacks that occurred in Paris, Brussels, and elsewhere across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East...

As Chairman of this Committee, through our hearings and oversight work, I have investigated vulnerabilities in our border, aviation, maritime, visa, cyber, and copyright lawyer near me critical infrastructure security, and where possible I have worked on bipartisan legislation to address these threats.

Here is what I have learned about our nation's vulnerabilities:

Our borders are not secure.

I am concerned that our system for vetting people coming to this country is not air tight, allowing potential adversaries to enter the country.
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28 Sep 2016 

Danny Brown released 'Atrocity Exhibition' early because he couldn't wait

Danny Brown released 'Atrocity Exhibition' early because he couldn't wait

Danny Brown is not particularly interested toilet plumbing repair in prolonging your suffering or arbitrary music industry standards, so his highly anticipated album, Atrocity Exhibition, is available on Spotify and Apple Music three days ahead of its scheduled release.

The followup to 2013's Old features Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt and all the mischief you'd expect. But, as he told Rolling Stone, "I'm pretty much the main star of this show, as always."

SEE plumbing repair cost calculator ALSO: 5 albums we can't wait to check out this fall

Atrocity Exhibition is Brown's first album for Warp Records. The rapper took the album title from the Joy Division song bathtub plumbing repair of the same name, and lists the Talking Heads, System of a plumbing repair tape Down, Bj?rk and Curb Your Enthusiasm among some the influences of his twisted symphony.


-- Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) September 27, 2016

Enjoy Brown's trippy video for "When It Rain" below:
28 Sep 2016 

Controversy surrounds health care contract workers

Story highlightsDavid Kwiatkowski worked in 13 hospitals between January 2007 and July 2012Approximately 1.7% of the industry's employees are temporary or contract workersContractors fill in gaps in almost every field -- from nurses to physicians employment agency wiki to med techs Since a temporary radiologic technologist was accused of stealing drugs from a New Hampshire hospital and giving patients hepatitis C through infected syringes, troubling reports of his past have emerged -- casting a spotlight on the staffing industry as a whole.

David Kwiatkowski worked in 13 hospitals in eight states between January 2007 and July 2012, when he was arrested in a Massachusetts hotel room "in an intoxicated state," according to court documents. During that time he was employed by at least two staffing firms: Triage Staffing and SpringBoard Healthcare Staffing.

A surge of contract employees have entered the work force since 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Businesses turned to staffing firms to handle their workload until they online employment agency were more certain of their company's future. More than 25% of all new jobs created were temporary.

The health care industry was especially affected by the economic downturn in recent years, said American Staffing Association spokesman Steve Berchem. Patients put off elective procedures amid hospital uncertainty over effects of the Affordable Care Act.

"Many health care professionals were seeking the flexibility that contract work allowed and were leaving hospitals with vacancies," Berchem said. "Hospitals are turning to staffing firms to fill those vacancies to make sure they have the employees and staff and skills they need to ensure quality care."

Approximately 1.7% of the health care industry's work force is now composed of temporary or contract workers, according to ASA data. That's about 240,000 employees, compared to the nearly 14 million full-time health care workers in the United States.

But those temporary employees play an important role in hospitals, Berchem said. They fill in gaps in almost every field -- from nurses to physicians to med techs and administrators.

While the hepatitis C infections have prompted concerns about whether contract workers are providing substandard care, research shows the opposite is generally true.

A 2007 study conducted by the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania showed that temporary nurses are often better educated and more recently trained. Berchem said hospitals that do not use temporary workers tend to have more negative patient outcomes because they have fewer staffing resources overall.

Still, the Kwiatkowski case raises questions about the hiring process for both temporary and permanent health care workers.

The case is not the first regarding a health care worker accused of harming patients during medical staffing agency a career punctuated by troubling incidents. In 2005, a New Jersey law took effect requiring health care professionals or companies to notify the state Division of Consumer Affairs of concerns or misconduct of health care workers who could endanger patients.

It was passed after nurse Charles Cullen was accused of killing more than 20 people in the state. Cullen reportedly was hired at a number of hospitals during his career in spite of what officials said was a questionable employment record.

Two years ago, Kwiatkowski was fired from Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix when a fellow employee found him passed out in the men's bathroom, according to documents obtained by CNN. A few weeks later, he was working at Temple University Hospital in Pennsylvania.

The staffing agency that employed Kwiatkowski at the time, SpringBoard, reported the incident to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, according to a spokeswoman for the agency.

The ARRT said this week that they did not punish Kwiatkowski because they did not have firsthand evidence of the 2010 incident. And the director of the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency said officials stopped their investigation when Kwiatkowski moved out of state.

Confused? So are investigators, who are still working to sort out all the facts.

Scott Schnierer, vice president of business development for Comforce Staffing Services, said that most staffing firms conduct a seven-year background check on potential employees. They will also do on-site drug tests and verify a candidate's credentials.

"We're the legal employer of record," Schnierer told HLN last week. "We insure them, we pay their payroll taxes. So while 'temporary' or 'contract worker' may have a certain reputation or connotation, we take them very seriously. ... We take the full HR responsibility as any direct employer would."

If there is a problem with an employee, hospitals are asked to report it to the staffing firm, he said. Either party can take disciplinary action.

"Basically, it really falls down to the department level," Schnierer said. "If they want to put it under the rug, things can happen. But it's up to temp agency wiki the department manager to report it to HR. HR should inform the staffing firm -- that's the only way we'll know."

One of the biggest problems, Schnierer and Berchem agree, is that former hiring managers are often unwilling to disclose the reason for a past employee's termination, creating holes in a background check.

And it's not just a problem for staffing firms. Kwiatkowski was charged with stealing drugs from Exeter Hospital, where he was hired as a full-time employee.

"Many employers are fearful of litigation and will verify employment dates only," Berchem said. "The system is only as good abc employment agency as the information available."
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27 Sep 2016 

How To Seal A Garage Floor

The floor of your garage is exposed to intense corrosion and deterioration due to road salt, oils and other auto fluids. Sealing your garage floor reduces dust and makes cleaning and sweeping easier. A clear acrylic concrete sealer protects the concrete from damage and stains. Also the same sealers can be used on concrete walks and driveways or as a primer under acrylic or polyurethane floor paints. You should take care when and where you apply a sealer because they cannot be applied over paint or other coatings.

In order to do the sealing yourself you need several materials and tools: protective clothing, neoprene rubber gloves, goggles, a stiff brush and a bucket, a paintbrush, a cartridge-style respirator with organic-vapor and small- particle filters, paint roller with extension handle and tray, medium nap roller cover, a concrete degreaser and of course some concrete sealer. Usually 1/2 gallon of sealer is used for approximately 100 square feet.

Before sealing you have to clean the floor because it has to be free of dirt, grease and oil. To do this you should use a stiff scrub brush to apply the cleaner and concrete degreaser according to the instructions. Allow the solution to lay on the floor driveway sealing companies near me for 15 to 20 minutes more for stubborn stains after scrubbing. After his you should rinse thoroughly with clear water. You may need several applications. Many concrete sealers contain hazardous chemicals that may be harmful driveway sealing how often to skin and eyes and the vapors are not safe to breathe but the vast majority are acrylic. The best way to avoid damages to your skin, eyes and lungs is to wear the protective equipment made of neoprene rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator with both organic-vapor and solid-particle filter cartridges. During the process of sealing the floor you should continuously ventilate the garage by opening all doors and windows and also using a fan would be a great idea.

After cleaning and drying the concrete, the sealer has to be applied. The sealer should be tested in an inconspicuous area before applying. Some uneven density in the concrete may result in light/dark appearance that may be objectionable. By using the medium-nap paint roller with extension handle is the easiest way to apply the sealer. Start in a rear corner continuing to work your way out of the garage. Before doing anything else you should allow the sealer to dry as indicated on the sealer driveway sealing company names bottle, usually for a few hours. For a driveway the procedure is essentially the same but it would be quicker to use a garden sprayer to apply the sealer to a large driveway. You should act with caution not to over spray on other material due to the high risk of staining.

By: Jerald Shapiro

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