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05 Nov 2016 Nationwide Foreclosure Filings Drop Second Straight Month

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The worst of America's home foreclosure crisis

finally may be over. Nationwide, foreclosure filings dropped in February

for the second straight month to 106,074, down 3.4 percent from January's

109,851 filings, and off 6.5 percent from December's

soaring 113,486.

The latest numbers, however, still are up almost 65 percent from the

64,375 filings for the same time a year ago, according to, a California-based real estate investment advisory

firm and publisher of foreclosure and property information. The company

has been analyzing housing markets since 1992 (

"The foreclosure numbers finally are beginning

to reflect the stabilization in housing markets that we've

been talking about for the last few months,"

says Alexis McGee, president of, and author of the

upcoming book, "The

Guide to Investing: Making Huge Profits Investing in Real Estate -

Without Selling Your Soul" (John Wiley,

Fall 2007).

Overextended homeowners in certain areas of the country remain hard hit

by job cuts and sluggish home prices, and continue to see big numbers of

foreclosures. That's especially evident in

the Southwest (including Colorado), coastal/resort areas like Florida

and California, and certain states with major manufacturing centers

(including Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and North

Carolina). But overall, the outlook is much brighter, says McGee.

"Of course time will tell for sure whether we've

seen the bottom or not. However, other economic indicators reflect a

leveling off between housing supply and demand, and reinforce the

opinion that the worst really is behind us,"

she adds.

Consider a few of the recent housing statistics. Home construction

starts are down -- in January by 14.3 percent

from December, and 37.8 percent from a year earlier, according to U.S.

Census Bureau/Department of Housing and Urban Development numbers. "That's

a reflection of builders curbing construction to avoid over-supplying

the market, which is what happened during the last major housing

downturn in the '90s, but not now,"

says McGee.

Sales of existing homes were up in January following fourth-quarter 2006's

drop, according to National Association of Realtor numbers. Single

family home sales also climbed in January --

up 3.5 percent from December.

NAR also reported that the national median existing-single-family home

price dropped in January to $209,200, off 3.5 percent from a year

earlier. But an analysis of 149 metropolitan statistical areas showed

almost half of the areas showed price gains --

some double-digit -- from a year earlier. That

is great news for homeowners in those areas who are in financial

difficulty and need to sell to avoid foreclosure, adds McGee.

Also just last week (February 28) Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) announced

tighter restrictions on subprime adjustable-rate mortgages. That

includes much of the creative financing in the market that's

in part fueled the national explosion in foreclosure filings. "It's

about time they make sure borrowers truly have enough income to afford

the homes they want to finance," says McGee. "Now

homebuyers will have to qualify for a loan based on the fully indexed

and amortized interest rate, not just low teaser rates which in the past

often has resulted in overextended homebuyers left with little option

but foreclosure," says McGee.

Looking closer at some of the national foreclosure filing numbers year

to date, according (visit for all our

statistics by state, county and foreclosure notice type):


Missouri with 5,966 foreclosure filings so far this year,

led the country in percentage increase in filings year-to-date --

with a 240 percent increase over the 1,753 filings for the same

time period a year earlier.


California came in second with 50,378 filings so far in

2007, a 184 percent increase over the 17,720 filings for

January-February 2006.


California took the top spot in numbers of overall filings

during the same time period, with Florida (27,082), Texas

(18,357), Colorado (11,506), and Illinois (10,917),

rounding out the go right here Top Five in that order.


The Top Five counties nationwide in numbers of foreclosures

year-to-date include:

-- Los Angeles County, CA (9,808)

-- Riverside County, CA (6,596)

-- Clark County, NV (6,173)

-- Cook County, IL (5,996)

-- Miami-Dade County, FL (5,280)


Midwest Region

(Includes Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri,

Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois.)

The worst economic fallout in housing markets seems to be over for much

of the nation's heartland. Last month the

Midwest recorded a double-digit drop in foreclosure filings. That

follows the tidal wave of foreclosures that ripped across the area last

year in the wake of massive job cuts by automakers and other


A total 17,329 foreclosures were filed region-wide in February, down

14.5 percent over January's 20,272 filings.

Looking closer at Home Page some of the numbers:

Illinois' 4,641 foreclosure filings

last month were down more than 26 percent from January's

numbers, and down 22 percent from the same time last year. Once again,

Cook County (Chicago) with its 2,669 foreclosures accounted for well

over half the state's foreclosures.

Ohio, Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland and its

environs, with 1,173 filings, accounted for the biggest chunk of that

state's 3,280 filings last month. Overall

Ohio's February filings also were down --

almost 23 percent over January numbers.

Michigan, unfortunately, bucked the trend toward declines. Its

4,305 foreclosures were up from 4,008 in January. Wayne County which

includes Detroit, continued to lead the state with its 1,926

foreclosure filings, up almost 30 percent from the 1,494 in January.

Southeast Region

(Includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee,

Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and West Virginia.)

Parts of the Southeast struggled yet again with soaring numbers of

foreclosures last month despite an easing in foreclosure filings


The 14,560 filings in Florida for February hit a near record, up more

than 16 percent over January, and almost 100 percent over February 2006.

The Sunshine State was second only in the nation to the 25,090

foreclosures for the month in California.

The 26,869 total filings in the region were up, too, 13 percent over

January's 23,787. "Just

too many people overextended themselves buying homes they could not

afford to finance and it will take time for these homeowners to work

through their financial problems," says McGee.

Looking closer at a few more regional numbers:

Brighter spots in the Southeast Region include Georgia with

3,078 filings in February, down 15.9 percent from 3,658 in January,

and Kentucky with 313 filings, down slightly from the 323 in January.

Virginia's 1,306 filings were up

almost 55 percent from January's 843.

Prince William County led the state with 224 filings, up more than 40

percent from the 159 in January.

North Carolina saw double-digit increases, too, with 3,203

filings in February, up 29.4 over January's


Northeast Region

(Includes Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, New

Hampshire, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,

New York, New Jersey, and Maine.)

Despite its major population centers along much of the East Coast, the

nation's Northeast Region trailed the country

in numbers of foreclosure filings last month. Only New York made the

nation's Top 10 list (No. 9) in numbers of


The region reported 10,480 filings last month, well below all other

regions of the country, and down 15.7 percent from its own numbers in


On a less positive note, New York, with 3,208 filings, regained

its dubious honor of region leader in foreclosures, with filings up 17.5

percent from January's 2,730 filings. The

counties of Kings (Brooklyn with 515 filings, up 32.7 percent), Nassau

(562, up 25.7 percent), Queens (440, up 28.3 percent), and Suffolk (563,

up 26.8 percent) all showed double digit increases in filings. New York

(Manhattan), however, held steady with just 22 filings in February the

same number as in January.

Foreclosure filings in Massachusetts dropped 25.3 percent to

3,105 in February. That's after its

region-topping 4,159 foreclosure filings in January.

Southwest Region

(Includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas,

Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington.)

The nation's Southwest still leads the

country in numbers of homeowners forced to file foreclosure. But the

good news is the numbers of filings are down, even if just slightly.

A total 49,368 foreclosures were filed in the region last month, off 4.7

percent from January filings, and slightly more than the 3.3 percent

decline nationally.

In Texas, a state that along with Florida is among the leaders in

numbers of foreclosures, filings were down 27.6 percent in February

(7,708 vs. 10,649 in January). Even in California, which always

seems to top the country in foreclosure filings, numbers were down

slightly in February -- 25,090 vs. 25,288 in


On a less positive note, Coloradans continue to file foreclosures

in huge numbers, with 6,388 filings in February, up almost 25 percent

from January's 5,118. But that's

still well below the frantic pace of 7,396 filings in December 2006. "The

state's economy is healthy, but homeowners

there just can't seem to get out from under

the tremendous numbers of creative financing deals that backfired and

ended in foreclosures," says McGee.

Looking closer at a few more regional numbers:

Oregon saw a 29 percent up tick in filings in February, 1,242

vs. 963 in January. Multnomah County, home to Portland and its

metropolitan area, led the way with 278 filings up from 224 in January.

New Mexico's 368 filings were up

very slightly -- less than 2 percent from

January's 361 filings.

In Nevada, February's 3,028 filings

were down 17.9 percent from January's 3,686

filings. Numbers in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, dropped

just over 10 percent, 2,922 in February compared with 3,251 in January.


Sacramento-based, the original foreclosure website,

offers more than 2.0 million listings of pre-foreclosure, foreclosure

auctions and bank owned (R.E.O.) properties updated daily for their list

subscribers. Current foreclosure statistics by state, county and

foreclosure notice type is available free of charge for the media here:
05 Nov 2016 


VENEDIG, Italien--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Waris Ahluwalia hat für The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts eine

eigene Kollektion an Kunsthandwerksgegenständen zusammengestellt. Als

,,Global Explorer" der zu Starwood Hotels & Resorts gehörenden Marke hat

er handgefertigte Schätze aus der ganzen Welt ausgesucht und in der

Kollektion ,, House of Waris RARE" vereint. "House of Waris RARE" ist ab

heute in der Bibliothek des Venediger Luxury Collection Hotels Gritti

Palace zu sehen und auf



,,Über dem Gritti Palace, das von einheimischen Handwerkern, Architekten

und Kulturinstitutionen erbaut wurde, liegt ein mystisches Flair. Dank

der Kunstfertigkeit dieser am Bau beteiligten Menschen hat die

authentische Eleganz des Gebäudes und seine unverwechselbare Identität

über Generationen hinweg Bestand", erklärt Paul James, Global Brand

Leader, The Luxury Collection, St. Regis and W Hotels Worldwide. ,,Die

Kollektion House of Waris RARE ist ein Bekenntnis zur

Handwerkskunst und weist dem legendären Hotel der Luxury Collection

zugleich den Weg in das 21. Jahrundert."

Inspiriert vom Erbe Venedigs als glanzvolle Handelsstadt vereint ,,House

of Waris RARE" unabhängige Künstler und historische Marken aus über

vierzehn Ländern dieser Welt, darunter Italien, Türkei, Brasilien,

Marokko, Indien, Frankreich, die Vereinigten Staaten und Großbritannien.

Als leidenschaftlich Reisender und ,,Global Explorer" hat Ahluwalia die

Objekte sorgsam ausgewählt. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Designern

entstand so eine Kollektion, die edle va loan requirements Unikate und vielseitige

Gegenstände vereint - von exklusiven Düfte und Ölen über ausgefallene

Accessoires bis hin zu Kunstgegenständen .

,,Als Weltenbummler ist es meine Leidenschaft, das Ungewöhnliche auf

dieser Welt zu entdecken", betont Waris Ahluwalia. ,,Mit House of

Waris RARE werden die Geschichten vieler Kulturen erzählt. Ich

könnte mir keinen besseren Ausstellungsort für diese Kollektion

vorstellen, als am Canale Grande."

Jedes Objekt erzählt eine individuelle Geschichte über das Land, in dem

es hergestellt wurde, sowie über die Passion des Künstlers für sein

handwerkliches Schaffen. Die Preise für die einzelnen Stücke bewegen

sich zwischen 100 und 10.000 Euro. Die Künstlerin Ann Wood verwendet für

ihre Stoffeulen Fortuny-Stoffe im Retrolook; die Eulen werden in der

Fabrik des ehemaligen Modeschöpfers Fortuny in Venedig hergestellt: an

den gleichen Geräten, mit der gleichen Art der Textilverarbeitung und

den gleichen venezianischen Techniken, die hier von Generation zu

Generation weitergegeben werden. Autoban, ein preisgekröntes

Design-Studio aus Istanbul, hat ein handgefertigtes Holzschneidebrett

geschaffen; die Designer haben sich in Zusammenarbeit mit einheimischen

Kunsthandwerkern auf die Gestaltung von Unikaten spezialisiert.

Exklusive Keramik wird von Carey Lowell handgeformt, mit der Scheibe

gedreht und in Porzellan umgewandelt. Ihre Leidenschaft für die Arten

und Funktionen von Lehm stammt von ihren Reisen durch ganz Amerika.

Die exklusive Kollektion wird in der Explorer's Library im Hotel Gritti

Palace ausgestellt, dessen fulminanter Eröffnung im Februar

2013 eine akribische, 35 Millionen Euro umfassende Renovierung

vorausging. Die traditionelle Lobby von damals ist heute eine Art

Sammlerbibliothek, ein gemütlicher Ort, der an die Kunstschätze des

antiken Venedig erinnert.

Diskret in diesen Schauplatz integriert,

können die Hotelgäste die Kollektion House of Waris RARE

entdecken und eigene Schätze mit nach Hause nehmen.

Das Gritti Palace ist seit Jahrhunderten ein Treffpunkt weitgereister

Gäste und einflussreicher Persönlichkeiten wie auch Venedigs

gesellschaftlicher Elite. Hier, wo edles Handwerk seit jeher geschätzt

wird, hat House of Waris RARE seinen idealen Platz gefunden. Das

Hotel mit Kultcharakter steht nach vollendeter Restaurierung, die von

von Donghia Associates als Mitglied des legendären venezianischen

Textilherstellers Rubelli geleitet wurde, als veredelte Version seiner

selbst für eine neue Generation von Luxusreisenden bereit.


House of Waris

Das vom Designer und Schauspieler Waris

Ahluwalia gegründete Label House of Waris wird von der Romantik

und Historie alter Königreiche inspiriert. Die Schmuckkollektion House

of Waris erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit bei Stilikonen und wird in

den exklusivsten Boutiquen verkauft. Unter Anwendung antiker Techniken

entstehen zeitlose Kreationen. House of Waris entwickelte sich

aus Waris' Leidenschaft, Geschichten mit Hilfe von Materialien und Kunst

zu erzählen. Die Marke vereint Objekte von einzigartiger Schönheit,

Qualität und Inspiration. 2010 wurde der Designer in den CFDA (Council

of Fashion Designers of America) aufgenommen und erschien auf der ,,Best

Dressed"-Liste der Zeitschrif Vanity Fair. Tief verwurzelt in der

Tradition seines Vaterlandes, jedoch im sich stets neu erfindenden New

York aufgewachsen, ist Waris in der einzigartigen Position, seine

ungewöhnlichen Ansichten mit der Welt zu teilen. Weitere Informationen


The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts

The Luxury

Collection ist eine Selektion von traditionsreichen Hotels & Resorts,

die einzigartige Erlebnisse versprechen. Dem weltgewandten Reisenden

bietet die Luxury Collection ein Tor zu den aufregendsten und

begehrenswertesten Destinationen der Welt. Jedes einzelne Hotel

reflektiert den Charme, die Geschichte und Schätze seines Standortes in

authentischer Weise. Exquisites Interieur, spektakuläre Anlagen,

exzellenter Service und modernster Komfort vereinen sich zu einer

bereichernden Erfahrung. Derzeit besteht die ursprünglich 1906 unter dem

Namen CIGA gegründete luxuriöse Kollektion aus über 85 Hotels und

Resorts in mehr als 30 Ländern, die alle den Ruf genießen, zur Weltelite

zu zählen. Zur Luxury Collection gehören viele preisgekrönte Hotels die

mit ihrem unvergleichlichen Service, Stil und Klasse die Erwartungen der

Gäste stets übertreffen. All diese Hotels, darunter zahlreiche Häuser

mit Jahrhunderte langer Tradition, gelten als die besten der Welt.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.


Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. ist mit 1.134 Hotels in 100 Ländern und

171.000 va home loans Mitarbeitern in eigenen Hotels und Management-Betrieben eine der

führenden Hotelgesellschaften der Welt. Starwood ist Eigentümer,

Betreiber und Franchisegeber von Hotels, Resorts und Residenzen

international bekannter Marken wie St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W,

Westin, Le Méridien, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft und

Element. Das Kundenbindungsprogramm Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) zählt

zu den führenden Bonussystemen der Hotellerie. Mitglieder sammeln Punkte

und können diese unter anderem gegen kostenfreie Übernachtungen,

Zimmer-Upgrades und Flugtickets bei zahlreichen Airlines eintauschen -

ganz ohne Sperrzeiten. Darüber hinaus ist Starwood Eigentümer der

Starwood Vacation Ownership, Inc., eines der führenden Entwickler- und

Betreiberunternehmen von qualitativ hochwertigen


Die Ausgangssprache, in der der Originaltext veröffentlicht wird, ist

die offizielle und autorisierte Version. Übersetzungen werden zur

besseren Verständigung mitgeliefert. Nur die Sprachversion, die im

Original veröffentlicht wurde, ist rechtsgültig. Gleichen Sie deshalb

Übersetzungen mit der originalen Sprachversion der Veröffentlichung ab.

05 Nov 2016 

Adobe’s Project VoCo Could Be The ‘Photoshop’ For Audio

Adobe's Project VoCo Could Be The 'Photoshop' For Audio

adobe-project-vocoAdobe's Photoshop is a tool used by many professionals in the useful content photography and graphics editing industry. It lets users touch up photos as well as manipulate them by erasing certain objects, adding objects, merging photos, and so on. Now it looks like Adobe wants to be able to do the same for speeches by announcing Project VoCo.

At the moment Project VoCo exists as an experimental tool in which users can edit speeches, like removing certain words and replacing them with new ones. Users will also be able to create completely new recordings from scratch, meaning that if you have enough vocal information on someone, you could in theory create a speech in their voice and make them say something that they did not actually say in real life.

According to TechCrunch, "Project VoCo needs about 20 minutes of voice samples from a given speaker. It then analyzes the speech, breaks it down into phonemes, transcribes it and creates the voice model." From a technical standpoint, this is very impressive, although from an ethical standpoint we have to wonder if such a software should ever be released to the masses.

As it stands hacking someone's social media and posting something in their name can be convincing enough to cause panic, so imagine if you heard an audio recording of someone you recognize, that would be incredibly creepy! However the good news is Click This Link that for now, Adobe has no plans to ship Project VoCo as a commercial product, but for all we know that web could change in the future.

Filed in General. Read more about adobe.
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05 Nov 2016 

Real Estate & Home Foreclosure Auctions Previously


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$('form[name="requestInfoForm"]').fadeOut(150, function ()




function validateLegalConsentModal(askQuestionFormPostData)

var legalConsentCheckBoxElement = $('#ask-a-question-form-legal-consent-agree'),

submitButtonElement = $('#legal-consent-submit');

submitButtonElement.prop('disabled', true);

if (!':checked'))

displayClientSideValidationMessage('#ask-a-question-legal-disclosure-content .errorMessageBox', LEGAL_DISCLOSURES_NOT_CONSENTED, legalConsentCheckBoxElement, askAQuestionFormObj.isNotColorBox);



var consentData = [

"consentStatus": true,

"documentId": askAQuestionFormObj.documentId,

"version": askAQuestionFormObj.version,

"DisclosureType": askAQuestionFormObj.enumDisclosureType['eSign']



xomeApiPost('/UserLegalDisclosure/UpdateConsent', '': consentData , function (result)



if (result.success)





displayClientSideValidationMessage('.legal-consent-form-container .errorMessageBox', LEGAL_DISCLOSURES_SUBMISSION_FAILURE, legalConsentCheckBoxElement, askAQuestionFormObj.isNotColorBox);


, function (error)



displayClientSideValidationMessage('.legal-consent-form-container .errorMessageBox', LEGAL_DISCLOSURES_SUBMISSION_FAILURE, legalConsentCheckBoxElement, askAQuestionFormObj.isNotColorBox);

xomeApiError("#disclosureError", "Your legal consent did not submit. Please try again.");


function sendRequestInfoForm(postData)


xomeApiPost('/CallToAction/RequestInfo', postData, function (resp)


var sendRequestInfoSuccessMsg = postData.Tour ?




, function (err)




function showEsignDisclosureContent()



function showLegalDisclosureAgreementContent()



function showHideLoadingModal(show)

if (show)




// Pre-Qualify

var prequalifyFormObj =


eSign: 0,

ABA: 1,

TCPA: 2,

OptIn: 3


documentId: 1,

version: '',

customerData: ,

isNotColorBox: true


$('.prequalify-cta').click(function (e)


if (!rbw.context.isLoggedIn())

if ($('body').attr('id') === 'listing-mobilelistingdetail')






var legalConsentsRequired = [];

xomeApiGet('/UserLegalDisclosure/CheckConsent?doctypes=' + prequalifyFormObj.enumDisclosureType['ABA'], function (resp)


if (resp)

for (var i = 0; i 0)

prequalifyFormObj.documentId = resp[0].documentId;

prequalifyFormObj.version = resp[0].version;



window.location.href = '';



$('#aba-acknowledgment-submit').click(function (e)


var abaCheckbox = $('#aba-disclosure-acknowledgment-agree');

if (':checked'))


var consentData = [

"consentStatus": true,

"documentId": prequalifyFormObj.documentId,

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xomeApiPost('/UserLegalDisclosure/UpdateConsent', '': consentData , function (result)

if (result.success)


setTimeout(function ()

window.location.href = '';

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displayClientSideValidationMessage('#prequalify-modal .errorMessageBox', LEGAL_DISCLOSURES_SUBMISSION_FAILURE, abaCheckbox, prequalifyFormObj.isNotColorBox);

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displayClientSideValidationMessage('#prequalify-modal .errorMessageBox', LEGAL_DISCLOSURES_NOT_CONSENTED, abaCheckbox, prequalifyFormObj.isNotColorBox);


$(document).on('', '#ask-a-question-legal-disclosure-content, #prequalify-modal', function ()


$('#ask-a-question-legal-disclosure-content .errorMessageBox, #prequalify-modal .errorMessageBox').html('');

$('#ask-a-question-form-legal-consent-agree, #aba-disclosure-acknowledgment-agree').attr('checked', false);



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