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03 En 2017 

Florida Lawyers Accused of Setting Up Opposing Counsel for DUI Arrest Video

Transcript for Florida Lawyers Accused of Setting Up Opposing Counsel for DUI Arrest

Thanks. A strange case of three lawyers of trying to get a rival attorney busted for DUI in the middle of a big trial and Mara schiavocampo is here with the story. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: Good morning. Those three lawyers are now in serious legal trouble themselves for allegedly using their attractive paralegal to get an opposing attorney drunk all to get him thrown offer the case. I'd like to check your eyes. Reporter: A DUI arrest caught on cam Ralph the driver a prominent Tampa lawyer in the middle of a high-profile case but investigators say he was set up. His rival attorneys allegedly using this woman to set a honey trap. Were you arrested for DUI? Yes. Were you taken to jail? Yes. Reporter: Now this morning th these three could lose their licenses. In January 2013 Phil Campbell meets Melissa Personius a paralegal at that rival law firm at a Tampa restaurant. According to vesters she allegedly became overly friendly socializing and drinking with Campbell and lied about where she worked. All the while exchanging dozens of text messages and phone calls with her bosses. One of those bosses allegedly tipping off a police officer who waited to pull Campbell over busting him for DUI. Campbell was behind the wheel of the paralegal's car which he says he was only driving because she was too drunk. I did not want at least on my watch, my responsibility to have her drive the car. Reporter: Charges were later dropped but the Florida bar association is going after the rival lawyers. Based upon advice of dui attorney meaning counsel I invoke my fifth amendment right. Reporter: Two of the three refusing to answer and the third admitting while he didn't give the order to set Campbell up, he didn't do anything to stop it. That's a mistake I made that evening. Reporter: As for the woman at the center of the so-called honey trap. I invoke my right to the fifth amendment. Reporter: Legal experts say the possibility of dui consequences disbarment could be dwi first offense texas the least of their worries. The federal government and FBI are involved in this heavily and I'm fairly certain we will see a criminal indictment at some point in the future. Reporter: Now, the police officer who arrested Campbell has since been fired. That paralegal, Melissa Personius is still working for the law firm but not in their Tampa offices.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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03 En 2017 

The Ten Best Celebrity Nose Jobs

When it comes to rhinoplasty, too much attention is given to celebrities whose surgeons shouldn't even be allowed a knife to butter toast, let alone use one to permanently alter someone's face.  Michael Jackson, Lil' Kim, and Joan Rivers never miss roll-call when it comes to lists of the worst nose jobs ever.  But which celebrities have the best nose jobs in the business?

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston

 Jennifer Aniston has had not one, but two rhinoplasty procedures.  The first was to correct a deviated septum, and the second was to correct the first operation.  Aniston is one of the few celebrities who is candid about getting cosmetic surgery, which is surprising since her nose jobs are much subtler than that of the more obvious surgery deniers.  Hers is an example of  good rhinoplasty because her nose still retains its unique character. 

Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson(87204)

Scarlett Johansson has never confirmed having any work done, but her before and after pictures show a clearly narrower bridge. Her plastic surgeon did well; the nostrils are untouched and there are no areas that look too flat, as though too much cartilage was scraped off--hallmarks of  bad nose jobs. If it wasn't for the existence of 'before' pictures, you wouldn't she's had any work done on her face.

Matt Dillon

matt dillon

 Matt Dillon traded in his youthful upturned nose for a more adult look.  From his 'before' and 'after' pictures you can see that he had the tip of his nose lengthened to look more masculine.  All in all, his nose appears pretty natural, even if it's not the prettiest nose.

Ashlee Simpson

ashlee simpson

 Ashlee Simpson had the opposite problem of Matt Dillon.  She transformed her hook nose types of cosmetic surgery into a more feminine (or at least the Hollywood version of feminine) ski slope.

Megan Fox

megan fox(87251)

Megan Fox already had a perfectly perfect petite little nose before her rhinoplasty, but apparently she didn't like the teeny tiny bump in the middle.  Luckily her surgeon didn't scrape off too much cartilage or else there would be no nose left for Ms. Fox.

Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz has endured not one, not two, not three, but four broken noses in her life.  Only until  several years after her fourth accident did she decide to get her crooked nose straightened out, for health reasons.

Leona Lewis

leona lewis(87263)

Leona Lewis's bridge and nostrils were made narrower in the last few years. Many black female celebrities tend to go overboard with bridge reduction (Tyra Banks), but Leona Lewis's face looks well-balanced and natural. Her surgeon  clearly knows that moderation is the key.

Alicia Keys

alicia keys(87264)

Alicia Keys's nose has been narrowed like Leona Lewis's.  And like Leona Lewis, her face doesn't show the obvious signs of rhinoplasty.

Kate Winslet

kate winslet

Kate Winslet's appearance has changed little since her breakout role in Sense and Sensibility.  The only featured that has been altered is her characteristic nose, which appears slimmer. The change is subtle enough that you wouldn't know she had rhinoplasty if you never saw her before Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jennifer Grey

jennifer grey

Jennifer Grey's inclusion on this list is controversial because her nose job is often blamed for the decline of her career.  In the early 90s, the actress known for her roles in  Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Dirty Dancing had rhinoplasty to shorten the length of her nose and reduce the size of the tip.  

From a surgical point of view, it's a good nose job.  Perhaps too good, because when she came home from the hospital she was almost unrecognizable to family and friends.  The drastic change in her appearance may have made producers and directors hesitant the cast the star, fearing audiences wouldn't recognize her either.

But can her fading star really be blamed on a new nose?  Plenty of stars before her had only brief moments in the limelight before disappearing into obscurity.  A nose job is a convenient scapegoat, but perhaps she had already peaked before getting plastic surgery.

Even if Jennifer does blame her nose for her career's nose dive, it hasn't stopped here from getting other procedures.  Recent pictures show a taut face, cat-like eyes, and puffier lips--likely the product of botox, face lifts, eye lifts, and lip injections.
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