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11 Oct 2016 

Criminal Offences That Need Immediate Attention

Theft, assault, impaired driving, marijuana and other drug production, etc. are some of the major criminal offences in Canada that require immediate attention. These have been explained below in detail.

The rate of increase in criminal offences in Canada is very high. Despite paying attention towards these cases by police, every day an individual is caught accused of any of the criminal offence. There are different types of criminal offences that have been reported by the Canadian police every day. Theft, impaired driving, marijuana, assault and other drug production, etc. are some of the major ones. Let us discuss about these cases in detail.


Illegal control over other person's property without his or her permission is termed as theft. Burglary, shoplifting, fraud, embezzlement, looting, robbery, mugging, larceny, etc. are some of the major types of theft cases that are prevalent in Canada. AS far as the penalties for any of these offences are concerned, accused individuals are forced to pay heavy fines and in much severe cases, they are even sent to jail for some specific time period.

Impaired driving

Impaired driving is another major type of criminal offence in Canada. Despite launching several effective measures, impaired driving cases have not shown any decrease yet. Individuals who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other harmful drug are accused of this criminal offence. The offence is very serious and has harmful consequences on the accused. Heavy fine, imprisonment, lifetime driving ban, etc. are some of the major penalties faced by individuals accused of this criminal offence.

Marijuana production charges

Marijuana is a drug prepared from cannabis plant. Its use and production is considered as a major criminal offence in Canada. But still Canada stands among the top three countries that are producing this drug on a faster rate.


There are different types of assault cases such as indecent assault, sexual assault, simple assault, aggravated assault, battery, etc.

These are some of the major types of criminal offences that can put the accused in a difficult situation. Accused requires a powerful defence in the court of law. Here comes the role of criminal lawyer into picture. There are many criminal lawyers that have been working successfully in the direction to defend the accused individuals by providing them with a legal representation in the court of law.

Finding a reliable and experienced one is very important if you want to enjoy positive results out of your case. In this regard, you can take help from websites that provide you with enough information about different types of lawyers working in the criminal law domain.

Author's Bio: 

John Buchanan is a criminal lawyer based in Vancouver, BC. He represents individuals charged with different types of criminal offences all over British Columbia region.
11 Oct 2016 

Always try to hire a professional plumber

Plumbing is a very competitive industry and finding a good and reliable one may be a difficult task and requires a lot of research. Likewise plumbing problems are unpredicted as one cannot expect it and we should always be prepared ready for all those unexpected things. Plumbing is always seems to be a big plumbing near me problem for all of us and when an emerge case arises like the leakage in pipelines or the bursting of a pipeline we first think to call a plumber and sometimes may be due to his heavy load of work he may not attend the call and in that case you need to pay more amount of money due to the emergency. That's why it is stated that we should always keep the contact of a good plumber so that they response and fix the problem immediately. Hire plumber is about to call a plumbing professional to get their service who can solve the plumbing problems as soon as possible.

Some plumbers are not skilled or else they don't have the license to do the plumbing works so before hiring any services of plumbers you need to undergo some researches to find out reliable and professional plumber. Also find out the rate for their services for different types of jobs and hourly rates. There are certain things you should be aware of while hiring plumbing service. Get the reference and recommendation from your friends, relatives, contractors, real estate agents etc, as they might experience the similar situation sometimes back. Make a back ground check of the plumber including the details like whether he has the license and experience to do the plumbing work, his proficiency level in using or adapting new tools and techniques etc. If you hire a plumber after checking all these details you can save both money and time in installing a good quality plumbing fixture.

Plumbers can be broadly classified into two types the one who specialise in new plumbing techniques and the other one who repairs the plumbing fixtures. Before hiring the plumber depending upon the nature of the work you can decide whether to call an expert plumbing professional or a plumbing technician to fix the plumbing issues. It is essential to fix any complicated issue you need to call a professional plumber and if it is for small plumbing problems like cleaning a clogged sink, repair leaky faucets you can call a plumbing technician. When it need to do a large project like replacing a full plumbing system or for a remodelling project through out the home or a full building or going to install a new plumbing system for a newly constructed house you need to hire an expert plumbing professional. While hiring the plumber for a large project you should make sure that they are insured and licensed as there are many chances which may plumbing near me require further repairing and later it may lead to broke or damage the plumbing fixture when repairing. So it is your duty to check out that the plumbing work is done with quality plumbing materials and also the guarantee of the work being done by the plumber.
11 Oct 2016 

Five Innovative Drinking Gadgets - InfoBarrel

So you think you have every drinking gadget under the sun? Well think again chump. No matter how manly or how big of an alcoholic you are, chances are you don't have these killer drinking gadgets. These boozer gadgets will run you anywhere from $13.99 all the way up to $7000 US dollars. I'll show you five awesome pieces of liquor gear ranging from cheapest to the most expensive!Product: Skull Beer BongPrice: $13.99

So you are a pro at the beer bong huh? When was the last time you beer bonged a beer through a skull and a spinal chord? Well, for a measly $14, you can pretend you are a serial killer and get hammered sucking fluids out of a fake spinal chord! This one might be a little more appropriate around Halloween!

Product:Beer BeltPrice: $18

So Batman has a utility belt that contains tools to protect the world, but what does your utility belt carry? Don't you think there should be a few holsters for brewskies? I thought so, and that's why Urban Outfitters carries the manliest tool belt of all time, for a measly $18, you can lug around 6 beers while your woman makes you vacuum or cut the grass. Never be without a beer again!

Product: Beer GunPrice: $21.73

Next time you and your buddies get all cozy to sit around the TV to watch some Sunday football, break out the shot gun alcohol dispenser. You can hook it up to a bottle of beer and dispense brewskies into your buddies' cups, or attach it to a bottle of moonshine and distribute toxic shots of booze. If you want to be really creative get out your lighter and some high proof alcohol and.... actually, on second thought I better not put any ideas into your head!

Product: Reef SandalPrice: $48

Have you ever gone for a hike and when you got to the top of the mountain, fully intending to celebrate your grueling hike, you realize you don't have any booze on you? Well with these bad-ass sandals by Reef that will never happen again. Fill each sandal with 1.5 oz of the nastiest booze in your liquor cabinet and next time you reach the top of Mount Everest wearing sandals you under the influence will be prepared with a few shots of mind altering booze.

Product: Octain 120 from Dream ArcadesPrice: $7000

Finally, the ultimate drinking tool! I like to call this bad boy, the drinking and driving simulator! Why? Because for a measly $7000 you get a 120 inch projection screen, a home theatre PC loaded with 12 games, a fully functional PS3 Compatible steering wheel, pedals and a 5.1 surround sound system. Oh yea, and the most important part, the machine has a keg hooked up to it!

So let me just get this straight for you, this machine is a drunk driving driving simulator that comes with a keg attached to it, as well as a handy cup holder right beside your steering wheel. If you ever wanted to be an idiot and drink and drive, this is your chance to do it without screwing up anybodies life! This could also be used as an amazing tool for drinking games!
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