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10 Oct 2016 

Dui Breathalyzer Tests – What Can And Cannot Effect Results

The breathalyzer is a key test in the drunk driving stop. Fail to blow below .08 and courts in many states will rule you are impaired per se and driving drunk, forcing you to then prove your innocence. The question for many is whether these results can be affected artificially.

The myths floating around bars and television shows are legendary. There are a host of sure thing theories on how you can cheat a breathalyzer test if pulled over. If it was really so easy, do you think the devices would be used in every state? The truth is, most of the supposed secret strategies don't work because they don't even address how a breathalyzer determines your blood alcohol level.

From onions to breath mints to licking batteries, the different approaches to beating a breathalyzer test are both humorous and inaccurate. A breathalyzer does not measure the smell of alcohol on your breath! It measures the amounts of alcohol gas in a breath. Modifying your breath with onions or mints does nothing to adjust this. The battery approach is just bizarre and definitely doesn't work.

In an ironic twist, the popular picks of mouthwash and breath spray actually make things worse. Why? These products improve your breath by killing the bacteria in the mouth that smell bad. What do they kill it with? Alcohol! If you take a couple of hits of breath spray before getting on the road, your blood alcohol level is going to be through the roof. Studies have shown that it can be as high as .50 for up to 20 minutes after using breath sprays in particular. That's a lethal dose!

There is one simple way to beat the breathalyzer and it works every time. Pull out your phone and call a cab! Consider the cost benefit analysis. $10 for a cab ride or $10,000 for a defense attorney, court fines and so on. The cab ride looks like a very good investment.

By: Tom Ajava

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Thomas Ajava writes for - retain a top Lake City DUI attorney to fight for your rights against DUI and DWI charges.