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15 Jun 2016 

There should be stronger penalties for drinking and driving

By Joe Sellers

I am tired of seeing drunk drivers get a slap on the wrist and end up right back on the streets . This is an injustice and a slap in the face to the families who have been affected by some idiot who knew the dangers of getting behind the wheel after a night out drinking.

Every day people are killed accident lawyer reviews by someone who knew they should not get behind the wheel but did it anyway. It is always the same thing that is said over and over again. (I'm okay to drive) even though they can't walk a straight line to their vehicle. Over 19,000 people die every year and over 250,000 people are seriously injured in accidents involving alcohol.

In the US there is an accident involving a drunk driver every 2 minutes and that is unacceptable. The laws have to be changed and we need harsher penalties in place for anyone who gets a DUI. There are even people out there who have as many as 4 to 5 DUI arrests and are still allowed to drive a vehicle. There are stories on the news all the time talking about some accident where a family was killed by a person that already had several DUI arrests in the past. Driving is not part of our rights it is a privilege and when it is abused like anything else it should be taken away.

It is one thing to have a couple of beers or shots but when someone drinks for hours and is way over the legal limit gets behind the wheel of a vehicle should not be given a slap on the wrist. If it happens a second time your licenses should be suspended permanently and if you get caught again you spend a long time in jail.

The DUI laws have gotten better in some states but it is still not good enough. People with multiple offenses who are intoxicated get behind the wheel of a car and kills a person only has to serve anywhere from 3 to 7 years in jail and get this, in some states in can be as little as 1 to3 years for a vehicular manslaughter. What about the families affected by the drunk driver? 1 to 3 years compared many years of pain is not enough time for a repeat offender. Then in court they try to say that they are sorry and did not mean to hurt anyone and the judges let them off easy.

If you are double the legal limit you should be put in jail for at least 10 years. If you get in an accident where someone was seriously hurt, you should get at least 20 years and if someone dies and you are a repeat offender then you should get life without parole.

If you work in a bar and you know that this person is too drunk to drive and you do nothing you are just as guilty as that person. Even if you are in the bar as a customer you still need to step up and do something. If you don't agree with what I am saying then you are an idiot and have never been affected by a drunk driver. It is everyone's responsibility to step up and do whatever they can to stop that person. Now I am not saying you should fight with that person or cause yourself to get hurt but you should call the police and let them know.

Let me put it like this for the ones who don't agree with me. Say I was shooting pool in a bar and I noticed this man that was really drunk and getting ready to leave the bar. I just sat there playing my game as he stumbled out of the bar drunk and I watched him get in his truck and drive off and did not say anything.

Now your kids or whoever it may be was walking on the sidewalk and this man ran off the road seriously injuring or killing them. Then after the accident I walked over and told you or the cop that I saw this guy at the bar I was just at down the street. I saw him inside barely able to walk and watched him stumble to his truck.

How would you feel knowing that this did not have to happen and could have been easily avoided if I would have called the cops? I could have stalled the guy by asking for directions or even buying him another drink, or whatever I could think of at that time.

You still think you'd feel the same way then. Your family member would still be safe if all I did was call the cops. Think about all the times you have been out at a bar or club and saw someone who was too drunk to stand up and watched them get into their vehicle and you did nothing. You may even have laughed at him and said to yourself that this person is too drunk to drive and went on with your night like nothing happened.

Whatever happened to that person, did they make it home or did they get into an accident and kill someone you will never know. Just picture how you would feel to lose someone you love to a drunk driver. Would you want your loved ones to be in a car when a drunk driver is out on the street? I don't think so. You may even prevent someone from being killed.

We are losing too many people to drunk drivers and we need to do something now. Families fall apart when their loved ones die in an accident like that. Then there are some parents/kids/spouses that never get over the death of their loved one. If you have lost someone close to you then you know the anger and hurt that it causes. A lot of the time the drunk drivers are the ones who end up unhurt and able to walk away from the crash.

If you are out drinking make sure you have a designated driver that can take you home. Before you get in the car and drive off just picture what you could do to a family while driving drunk and think about that little baby or young child you could kill when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Think of your child of family member and imagine how you would feel if they were killed because of a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Remember it is all of our responsibility to speak up. You never know the first time you step up and stop someone you could save the life of another person. It is better for them to be in jail then let them take an innocent life.

In some states they even have a number you can call for a tow truck to take you and your vehicle home free of charge during the holidays and Super Bowl Weekend. Just take a few minutes to call them to find out accidental lawyer what is offered in your state. It is called tow to go offered by AAA.

Even if you don't live in one of the states you can also take a cab home and get your vehicle later. It is not worth the damage you could cause to yourself or another person for something that can easily be avoided.

Thank you for taking this time to read this very important hub. I am asking everyone that reads this to PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT or an experience that has had an effect on you or someone you know because of a person under the influence of alcohol.You can also rate it up if you agree or down if you don't agree.Thanks again and please be safe out there on the roads.

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14 Jun 2016 

How To Write The Best Job Description

All employees in any company will be able perform to the best of their abilities if they dont have to guess what is expected of them at work and perform aimless tasks. For this reason, they must have job descriptions that define their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Job descriptions make it possible for employees to become more committed to their jobs and be dui charges held accountable for their actions and the consequences arising out of the performance of their duties. A job description contains information pertaining to the primary duties and responsibilities that an employee must assume when performing an assigned task. It can also contain information regarding the tools and equipment that the employee must use and operate and how they relate with other jobs within their particular department and other departments. The statements therein must be accurate and refer to activities that are essential to job performance. When written properly and updated regularly, employees will clearly know how to perform the task and what is expected of them. With this knowledge, they can focus their efforts towards the successful execution of whatever task is assigned to them. Employers and managers on the other hand are assured that each employee do what they have to do and thus can concentrate more on expanding and improving the business.

Job descriptions can be used by managers to evaluate an employees job performance. If accurately written, job descriptions can also serve as a basis for creating a fair and just salary structure within the organization. Since they describe the qualifications, skills, duties, educational attainment and work experiences needed to perform the tasks involved in a job they provide a measure of what each candidate should be dui capable of, thus setting the benchmark of how much an employee is qualified to receive.

The best way to create a job description for a particular position is to do a job analysis which will identify the specific duties and requirements of a job, describe the scope and content involved in its performance such as necessary skills and knowledge, the work environment and results, and how they are related with other jobs in the company. It is not about the person doing the job but the job itself. Although the data obtained from a job analysis are from those already performing the job, the end result is about the job, describing how it is done. It doesnt describe the employee at all. But while it is about the job, its goal is to help the person improve in the doing the job itself. Writing job descriptions becomes easier when based on information gathered through job analysis. A job description based on job analysis is a fairly accurate one since it reflects what is being actually done on the work place and not just based on the imagination dui of the writer. With the right job descriptions, managers can then hire the most competent, brightest, multi-talented candidate suitable for the job.

A job description is a dynamic document that evolves with the company. For this reason, it must be reviewed periodically and updated to make sure that each item faithfully reflects the activities that an employee engage in while working, and also expounds the managers expectations of the employee.

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14 Jun 2016 

Careers, Salary Info & Job Description

Pros and Cons of a Copyright Lawyer Career

A copyright lawyer is a client's legal counsel when they need their intellectual property protected from distribution or reproduction. Check out the below pros and cons of this career to see if it's right for you.

Pros of Being a Copyright Lawyer Help clients with major business or product decisions* Learn new information concerning copyright* Advocate for the authorship of a work** Helps a client receive revenue from and control over a work**

Cons of Being a Copyright Lawyer Court cases may be intimidating to some lawyers* Long and irregular hours to study and review for a case* High amounts of travel to see clients, research or be in court* Broad definition of copyright and changes to law pose difficulties**

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **U.S. Copyright Office.

Career Information

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, a copyright lawyer is a lawyer who represents a tangible form of expression, such as art, by stating a client is the original author of that expression ( The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) considers a copyright lawyer to be a specialized type of lawyer who works within the realm of intellectual property by protecting a client's claim to something, in this case a form of expression ( The benefits of a copyright, as determined by the U.S .Copyright Office, is to give that author the right to reproduce, distribute, establish financial securities and perform or show the art publicly.

Job Growth and Salary

Although a copyright lawyer is a specialized lawyer, one can highlight the general data found for all lawyers in terms of their salary and career prospects. According to the BLS, the annual average salary of all lawyers was about $133,000. The median annual salary of a lawyer was about $114,000, with the bottom-earning 10th percentile earning $55,000 and the top-earning 75th percentile earning above $172,000. The BLS further stated that general employment growth for all lawyers was expected to grow by 10% between 2012-2022.

Education and Licensing Requirements

According to the BLS, all lawyers require a Juris Doctor (J.D.), a degree one receives after a postsecondary education. The J.D. program is found in law schools, which need to be accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). After you complete a postsecondary degree program, you must take the Law School Admission legal assistance divorce Test (LSAT) to qualify for admittance in a law school. A J.D. program lasts around three years, with the first year covering the basics of law and the next two years providing training opportunities to argue and interpret law.

Once you hold a J.D., you need to take a bar exam. A bar exam is a licensing examination administrated by the state in which you wish to work. Passing this exam gives you the license to practice law in that state. However, not all states accept the bar examination results of another state. In fact, certain jurisdictions, which can be regional or within a state, might have different bar requirements. Some of these regions might accept the results of a bar examination from another area, but you would need to double check with the jurisdiction requirements.

What Do Employers Look for?

With competition high, many potential employers are turning to individuals who have experience in intellectual property. In addition, the employers are more interested in the copyright dimensions of products such as software. Some recent job postings found in March 2012 include:

A Detroit, MI, law firm needed an intellectual property lawyer to help with various legal cases, including copyright. The position focused on software protection and required the candidate to have 4-9 years of experience.

A Newport Beach, CA, law firm needed an intellectual property lawyer to help with technology litigation. The law firm preferred a candidate who had academic attainment or a degree in engineering or computers from undergraduate, in addition to 4-6 years of experience.

A San Francisco, CA, publishing company posted an opening for a copyright lawyer to consult with firm about contracts. Specifically, the lawyer needed to help determine how copyrighted ideas from the company can be used in products in marketing. The company preferred a candidate with 3-5 years of experience.

How to Beat the Competition

The BLS strongly recommends that a copyright lawyer, along with other lawyers, be willing to relocate to where demand is located. Although this may mean taking the bar examination again if the state does not accept your old one, you are applying very competitive positions. Being prepared to move and taking a bar examination that can be accepted in other states allows you to enter any job pool with your credentials.

Career services and insight provided on the ABA website stress the importance of your law school years in your professional career. A recent newsletter associated with the ABA stated that networking, which is mostly done in law school, is probably the greatest factor influencing a first hire ( The ABA states that networking with fellow students or graduates from your law school may help you make connections with potential employers, find your marketable strengths and allow you to get involved in copyright circles and issues.

Other Careers dui lawyer to Consider

If you want to lead in copyright research, but do not want to work in law, you may want to invest in a postsecondary teaching career. Working as a professor at a college or at a law school gives you the ability to teach copyright law to a new generation of lawyers. In addition, you are given the opportunity to research issues in copyright, discuss copyright in academic seminars and become a consultant for legal theories and issues for lawyers or judges. According to the BLS, job growth is higher for postsecondary teachers compared to lawyers, with a 17% growth rate between 2010 and 2020. However, postsecondary positions are typically competitive and the time spent to attain a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is typically a time span of ten years when you include your undergraduate years. In addition, the stress of research projects, teaching and grading students may be hard on some people.

If you want to decide law instead of advocating law, then a judicial career may be an alternative to being a lawyer. A judge, according to the BLS, applies existing law or precedent to decide cases, potentially including copyright cases. A judge needs to attain the same academic experience as a lawyer, typically holding a J.D. to serve on the bench. However, job growth for judges is projected at seven percent from 2010-2020 according to the BLS. This is due to the fact that most judges are appointed to their positions by government officials or they win local or jurisdiction elections.

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13 Jun 2016 

Rent A Dumpster – An Affordable Way Out To Wipe Your Construction Debris by Mary Sarah

Rent A Dumpster - An Affordable Way Out To Wipe Your Construction Debris

 by: Mary Sarah

People stay strong on the presumption that hiring a Dumpster is expensive mode to dispose the waste. This statement can be voted if the garbage you dispose is daily household waste but what if the waste disposed is in large quantities construction debris for instance. The current article embarks on the need to hire a professional dumpster service rental provider to dispose huge waste like construction debris.

In most of the developed countries like USA where availability of labour for odd jobs is very low you need to spend huge sum of money if you require to do so. I know you will now be thinking of disposing the waste on your own and not even going to hire labour for the task.

You may save pennies here, but it calls for large sum of money to be spent on your health issues in your near future because disposing such a huge waste on self involves a lot of effort, physical exertion and time investment as well. Apart from this you need to focus on transportation complexities and environmental friendly recycling of disposed waste if you are person who respects social concerns of your nation. Construction waste is always in huge quantities and occupies a lot of space. Daring to clear construction waste on self not only consumes your time but occupies your free space for longer period of time.

Packing, transportation, disposal recycling all these tasks involves huge cost when contacted individually because construction derby involves huge waste disposal. A decent way of disposing such a massive waste is hire professional dumpster rental provider who can assist you in completing the task hassle free.

Now, how to go about hiring a professional dumpster rental service provider? Before you go hire one of the professional service providers, one should have transparent picture about the quantity of the waste that is going to be disposed and whether the dumpster rental service provider can accommodate your requirements. you should go through the contract agreement of the Dumpster rental service provider and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the agreement because there are limits for certain companies on the quantity waste as well as items disposed in the waste make sure that you fit into the criteria. It is always advisable to have a prior check with service provider on all these issues before you go hire one.

It sounds great when you hear all your needs can be fulfilled at one shop i.e. price quantity and disposal items. Dumpster Direct is dumpster rental service provider who has its presence in USA, serving large base of the customers both commercial and residential. The company being spread across the country and renowned for its prompt delivery and pick up can assist you the best in getting all your waste management needs fulfilled. On getting associated with Dumpster Direct you are sure to experience an awesome service at incredible prices.

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10 Jun 2016 

Conductive paint: the technology that could change the world

Part of complete coverage on

By Arion McNicoll and Stefanie Blendis, for CNN

updated 10:15 AM EDT, Thu May 23, 2013 | Filed under: Innovations

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity

The brave new world of wireless electricity


A group of students in London has developed electrically conductive paint

The paint allows wiring to be applied to paper, metal and even textiles

It is now being used in projects around the world including interactive posters and home-made toys

London (CNN) -- Imagine if you could paint a working light switch directly onto your wall, without any need for sockets, cables or wiring.

A group of students from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London has made that possible by creating electrically conductive paint.

The paint acts as a form of liquid wiring. Unlike conventional wires, it can be applied to almost any surface, including paper, plastic, metal and even fabric.

The product has the appearance and consistency of runny marmite, but dries quickly when exposed to the air. Its inventors, RCA graduates Isabel Lizardi, Matt Johnson, Bibi Nelson and Becky Pilditch, call their creation "Bare Paint." While they don't claim to be the first group to have invented a conductive ink, they are pioneering new ways it can be used.

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"We started this project in earnest in 2009," says Matt Johnson. "We were originally interested in trying to apply electronics to the skin ... so we arrived at this idea of applying them as a coating and eventually we got this idea of a conductive paint."

The team began by investigating how electronics were being used in the body.

"In 2008 -- and probably still today -- there was a lot of work around electronic textiles," says Johnson. "And though we really liked the idea of having a jumper (a piece of clothing) that has some intelligence in it, we didn't like that it was so bulky and that once you took it off the functionality disappeared."

Around the same time there was a lot of "extreme work" being done by people who were injecting electronics beneath the skin. For their final project, the RCA students began work on making something less intrusive, looking for a substance that could be painted onto the body. Eventually, says Johnson, "that idea transformed into the material we have now, which is very safe though it's not specifically intended for the body anymore."

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After graduating from college, the team collaborated on a video for DJ and producer Calvin Harris. The resulting project was the "Humanthesizer," a performance which literally brought the paint to life, with dancers whose movements triggered audio loops from Harris's song "Ready for the Weekend."

"We were originally interested in trying to apply electronics to the skin ...

Matt Johnson, co-inventor, Bare Conductive

"Making a new material was a bit daunting for four designers," says Johnson. The team's solution was not to return to school to study chemistry for four years. Instead, they simply went on Wikipedia. According to Johnson, the online encyclopedia provided them with almost everything they needed to know about crafting conductive materials.

Once the paint's formula was finalized, co-creator Isabel Lizardi says the team began to consider how it might be applied to real-world products. The first thing they launched was the paint in its raw form, which they made available to other garden-shed inventors.

Today, Bare Paint jars and pens are sold on the Internet and stocked by Radio Shack electronics stores across the United States. Projects being done by permanent house paint Bare Paint users include everything from interactive color wheels to homemade electric toys.

Johnson says that conductive paint opens up an enormous range of creative opportunities. As conductive paint becomes increasingly common, we can look forward to a future where billboards talk back, walls are interactive, and greeting cards come to life in our very hands.

"Devices no longer have to look high tech to be high tech," Johnson says. "Our goal is to put interactivity onto objects you don't expect."

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